Job Description

Security Officer - UNARMED (RS1)
Muscle Shoals, AL, United States of America



Security Engineers is a contract security provider that operates in numerous States. From its main office in Alabama and numerous Branch Offices across its operating footprint, the Company continues to experience unprecedented expansion of opportunities both for the Company and our valuable Employees.

The backbone of Security Engineers is our team of professional Security Officers. We are confident that we set an example for others to emulate when it comes to our uniformed Officers. Our Officers make a difference in the community and build relationships that last a lifetime.

Security Engineers is actively seeking Security Officer applicants who are interested in a career in the private security industry. We offer many work opportunities and we can likely match any availability that you may have, either full-time or part-time.



Job Skills / Requirements


  • Conduct regular walking patrols to improve the safety of individuals and proactively identify and report security concerns.
  • Monitor facility access points, employing verification procedures to authenticate the identification and credentials of individuals entering or exiting premises, in support of a secure environment.
  • Respond promptly and effectively to alarms, emergencies, and other incidents, utilizing appropriate actions and established protocols.
  • Maintain precise and detailed logs documenting activities, incidents, and notable observations, facilitating comprehensive reporting and analysis for enhanced security measures.
  • Perform comprehensive inspections of security equipment, including CCTV cameras, alarm systems, and locks, promptly reporting any malfunctions or vulnerabilities to expedite resolution and maintain optimal security measures
  • Collaborate seamlessly with law enforcement agencies and emergency services, fostering effective coordination in responses to incidents and providing valuable assistance in investigations.
  • Conduct meticulous investigations into security breaches, thefts, or other incidents, employing scrupulous evidence-gathering techniques and preparing thorough reports to aid in the identification of perpetrators and the prevention of future occurrences.

Additional Information / Benefits

Security Engineers offers competitive wages and benefits.


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Security Engineers, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer


Security Engineers, Inc. Alabama Security Company License: 0001

This job reports to the Branch Manager

This is a Full and Part-Time position 1st Shift, 2nd Shift, 3rd Shift, Weekends.

Number of Openings for this position: 3