Special Events Security Guard - GoPro Mountain Games (Eagle and Summit Counties)
Vail, CO, United States of America


Lone Star Security & Safety Services approaches your security and safety needs in a very detailed and professional manner.

Lone Star is pledged to protect what is important to you through individually customized programs specifically designed to maximize protection while at the same time maintaining a positive environment. This is done through clear and direct communications.

In the development of any security program the fundamental principle is that all actions provided are designed to achieve deterrence and detection as well as reducing the overall opportunity for transgression.

Unlike most law enforcement actions which can be classified as reactive, Lone Star considers all of its programs to be proactive. Driven by the idea of deterring crime as well as preventing development of illegal or unsafe situations, a successful security curriculum is one that effectively utilizes proven strategies that provide measurable results to you.

Lone Star Security meets the objectives of deterrence, detection, prevention and risk management by:

Involving key individuals to plan a comprehensive security and safety program
Determining appropriate tactical and strategic responses culminating in official policy and procedure
Training all personnel in appropriate areas of safety and security

Lone Star Security & Safety Services' Mission Statement: Innovative, Professional Security Through Excellence and Integrity

Job Skills / Requirements

General Description:

To execute Security and Safety objectives as outlined by Lone Star Securitys company Policies & Procedures. Special Events work detail includes working in Eagle and Summit counties on an as needed basis. Work schedule is very flexible.

Qualification Requirements:

1. Reading, writing and oral proficiency in the English language.
2. Ability to perform job tasks in an extremely professional manner, while providing exceptional customer service in a fast paced environment.
3. Previous security, military, EMS or law enforcement experience preferred, but not required.
4. Basic computer skills.
5. Ability to pass a background check.
6. Provide credible references and I-9 Employment Eligibility Documentation (legal eligibility to work in the U.S.).

Essential Job Functions:

1. Responsible for protecting valuable assets for a business or vendor.
2. Maintain liquor boundaries at special events that sell or distribute alcohol and uphold the Colorado liquor laws.
3. Be mentally engaged in the event through observation and reporting all problems or potential hazards to the Special Event Security Supervisor.
4. Conduct routine perimeter patrols and confirm with security team through frequent radio communication.
5. Understand the logistics of the special event, including its rules & regulations, presented in a security briefing before the event by the Security Supervisor.
6. Provide exceptional customer service to the client and all guests attending the event. This includes providing general information for the event venue and giving directions to local points of interest (parking, bathrooms, medical stations, vendor locations, restaurants, etc.).
7. Primarily working outside in various weather conditions, which could include extreme temperatures and inclement weather (i.e. hot, cold, rain, snow, sleet, etc.).
8. Often involves long periods of standing in one place while maintaining mental focus and presenting positive body language.
9. Comply with Lone Stars dress code for special events and arrive prior to the event start time ready to work.
10. Properly handle all of Lone Stars equipment, including radios, computer equipment, flashlights, uniforms, etc.
11. Reports to Security Supervisor.

Additional Information / Benefits

Skills Necessary To Successfully Perform This Job Include:

1. Exceptional customer service
2. Attention to detail
3. Constant awareness of surroundings
4. Excellent verbal & written communication
5. Positive attitude
6. Workplace professionalism
7. Proficient in basic computer tasks

Available Full-Time Employee Benefits:

1. Health insurance
2. Investment savings plan
3. Training opportunities
4. Career advancement

Screening Requirements: Criminal Background Check

This job reports to the Special Events Supervisor

This is a As Needed position