Job Description

Patrol Supervisor (Operations)
Richmond, VA, United States of America


Top Guard Security is the leading security guard service provider for the Virginia Peninsula, the Southside, Tri-Cities, and Chester. Top Guard offers unarmed and armed security officers and mobile patrol services to industrial and manufacturing facilities, commercial properties, local and federal governments, residential communities, health care and retail establishments. Top Guard is Hampton Roads, Virginia's largest privately-owned security firm with 900+ employees and the largest woman-owned firm in the region. Its clientele represent the finest businesses, financial institutions, shopping centers, world-class manufacturers, communities and universities. Municipal, State and Federal contracts represent the backbone of Top Guard's regional dominance. Top Guard's size, experience and extraordinary level of service make it the region's choice for private security. Top Guard's commitment to superior security services begins with a commitment to its employees. We understand the critical role that a security professional plays in the overall success of a facility and we are devoted to hiring high caliber employees who are intelligent, capable, and dedicated individuals. Candidates are carefully selected by an experienced recruitment staff committed to finding those individuals who meet Top Guard’s rigid employment standards. Through training, performance evaluations, and quality assurance measures, we ensure that security officers maintain standards consistent with Top Guard's stringent requirements.

Job Skills / Requirements


This job is in Colonial Heights

  1. Ensure all officers are made aware of their schedule by Thursday of the prior week.
  1. Monitor changes in schedules; i.e., call-offs, tardies and ensure changes are provided to Top Guard management for payroll and billing purposes. Send copies of any changes to the Account Managers. 
  1. Handle personnel concerns in a timely manner to include, but not limited to, day off concerns, swaps, emergencies, employee relations, complaints, vacations, etc.
  1. Train current and newly assigned personnel. Maintain training roster and forward proof of training to Top Guard office within 24 hours of the officer’s training completion by completing a training checklist form where applicable.
  1. Ensure that personnel have adequate uniform items and that all items are in good condition. Conduct routine uniform inspections to ensure that a professional appearance is maintained.
  1. Observe, monitor, coach and train officers to ensure labor law compliance and adherence to Top Guard core values, policy and SOP’s.  Communicate frequently with Account Manager, to report high-performers and incidents of any company and/or compliance violations, reporting to the Account Managers for next steps.
  2. Maintain proficiency with Post Orders and/or General Orders. This includes ensuring that requests for service and all issues that arise are routed through Account Managers.  Stay informed of any changes in the client’s needs.  Notify the Account Manager of any requested changes by the client.
  3. Oversee officer performance at Plants 1 & 2 and DC to ensure that all service protocols are being followed appropriately.
  4. Ensure each shift is staffed. It’s the Shift Supervisor’s responsibility to assist Top Guard dispatch and Account Managers to find coverage for any open holes in the schedule. Loss of coverage is unacceptable.
  5. Assist personnel with the professional handling of incidents, ensuring proper procedures have been followed and documentation provided. Notify Top Guard management of incidents immediately.
  6. Ensure that all required documentation; i.e., daily logs, incident reports, vehicle maintenance reports are complete, accurate and professional. Maintain and ensure the organization of paperwork files.
  1. Respond to serious incidents, i.e., stolen vehicles/break ins, bomb threats, emergency evacuations, Active Shooter, Fire, Employee Aggression, Trespass, Disgruntled Employee, medical events that require EMS, incidents involving minors, etc. Memorialize all such events in writing in incident report form.
  2. Ensure that site documentation is forwarded to the Account Managers.
  3. Identify and suggest corrective procedures for safety hazards, to include emergency evacuation, bomb threats, medical incidents, etc., to both the client and Top Guard management.
  4. Identify and relay maintenance issues and ensure that the officers are doing the same to both the client and Top Guard management.
  5. Advise your Account Manager of any staffing needs.
  6. Provide assistance, as requested, to the client and Top Guard management.
  7. Motivate and engage officers to produce optimal performance. Coach and mentor personnel to develop professionally. 
  8. Review the security program on a continual basis to maintain efficiency.
  9. Coordination & receipt of daily documentation (Duty Log Sheets, Equipment Logs, Security Reports, etc.).
  10. Consistently communicate with Area Account Manager regarding site activity, variances, situations & issues, etc. to ensure a constant flow of operational information as necessary.
  11. Ensure all access control, fire & safety systems are functional and properly being utilized, serving as a liaison to local municipalities.
  12. Effectively use customer service skills with internal administrative staff, Security Officers, external clients, visitors, vendors, and contractors. Maintain a positive attitude when conducting customer service and public relations.
  13. Deter any persons attempting to gain unauthorized access to the facilities. Be alert to hazards, safety issues and unsafe conditions or practices and notify Hill Phoenix Management. Security Officers will follow all HillPhoenix safety procedures and complete any required safety training.
  14. Pass pertinent information to oncoming supervisory shifts.
  15. Patrol parking facilities, escorting employees to their vehicles as needed.









Additional Information / Benefits

Top Guard provides its full-time employees with the following benefits: Payroll Deducted Health, Plan Payroll Deducted Dental Insurance, Allstate Supplemental Insurance Plans, Legal Resources, Legal Discount Plan, Direct Deposit, Paid Vacation, Holiday Compensation, Free Uniforms, and Credit Union Membership. It is the policy of Top Guard to afford equal opportunity for employment to all individuals regardless of their race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, genetic information, disability, or veteran status. Applications are active for 60 Days after which you must reapply.

Part time officers are also elligible for benefits as well. Please inquire within. 

Benefits: Medical Insurance, Dental Insurance, Vision Insurance, Paid Holidays, Short Term Disability

This job reports to the Account Manager

This is a Full-Time position 1st Shift, 2nd Shift, 3rd Shift, Weekends.

Number of Openings for this position: 1